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    • BD: January 5, 2005
    • Class: Senior Two, S.2
    • School: Kihanga Secondary School
    • Guardians: Mary Ndirarahe (Paternal Grandmother)
    • Village: Kanywero/Mparo
    • Interview: 2017 (first)
    • Goal: Doctor
    • Favorite Subject: Swahili
    • Bible Verse: Col 3:20

    Family History: Joseph’s mum (Sahura) and Ambrose Kweyamba (Joseph’s father) left Joseph as a five month old infant with his paternal grandmother Mary. Ambrose returned nine months later married to another woman and has not been a part of Joseph’s life at all. Joseph has no siblings and his grandmother, Mary, is a peasant farm laborer. She is no longer physically able to do the work required to provide enough to pay for his school tuition needs. Joseph is bright and ranked 18th out of 74 on his second term progress report.